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Pool Tips

During the monsoon, damaging winds can cause a lot of havoc on our pools. Excess debris, such as dirt, leaves and palm tree blossoms, can turn a pool green with hours. As much as we would like to help everyone, it is physically impossible for us to clean your pool if it is not your route day. We do suggest that during the monsoon season and especially following a wind storm, that you do the following:
  • Empty and clean out all skimmer and pump baskets, as often as possible.
  • Turn on your pool filter (if it's not already on) and let it run for several hours.
  • Remove any large pieces of debris from the bottom of the pool so it does not damage the plaster or clog your pool cleaner.
  • Cleaning and trimming trees and shrubs around the pool before this season is very important and will also help tremendously.
  • Doing these things will help prevent any costly repair bills later on and keep you enjoying your pool everyday of the week, all summer long.
  • If you are unable to do these things and you still need us before your route day, we will be forced to charge an extra service charge of $50.00.
Man cleaning - Swimming Pool Service in Mesa, AZ
Suntan lotion, oils, make up and urine are the usual causes of chemical imbalance when there are an excess number of people in a pool and can turn your pool green within hours. It can be helpful if you let us know before hand that you will be having a party so that he can adjust the chemicals accordingly.
Ducks in the pool may be cute but this will guarantee a green pool. If ducks hatch in your yard, they will come back every year. The best way to discourage them is to buy a fake replica of a predator to scare them away. Most people opt for owls, which can be placed in or hung from a nearby tree or awning. Some ducks might respond better to rubber snakes or alligators placed around the perimeter of the pool.
The end of June is the best time to trim your palm trees to avoid new blossoms from blooming.
Dogs. Oh how we love our dogs. But, dogs in swimming pools are hard on the filter, chemistry and equipment. Dog hair can clog a skimmer or pump basket very quickly, especially a hairy dog. The hair can clog a pump basket and pool pump repeatedly, and you may have multiple pump repairs on your hands.. If you have a dog, and he or she wants to take the occasional dip, that’s OK. So, if you allow dogs in the pool, be sure to monitor all baskets and filters to make sure the dog hair is not clogging anything.
Remove all toys and floats after swimming. These items are dirt and leaf magnets. They can also jam the skimmer door.
If your backyard is over grown with trees, bushes, weeds and flowering plants, your pool is going to be messy between services. Also, make sure your gardener avoids getting any debris in your pool. Gardening debris can turn your pool green within hours.
You should run your pool for one hour for every 10 degrees of temperature. Example: 100 degrees = 10 hours.
Be sure to check your pool after parties and excess amount of people in your pool. Sometimes the skimmer door can get jammed, dislodged or broken. If this happens, the water will not be able to circulate through the skimmer which can lead to a green pool, warped pump, motor failure and plumbing issues. A simple check when finished swimming can save a lot of problems later on.